The kitchen; not just for cooking. Its for midnight snacks, dinner parties, family reunions and hot cuppa's

It’s you spending the time in the kitchen, so we build and design it so you enjoy every moment using it. Envisage Kitchens is locally owned and Hamilton based. With our team lead Damian bringing a massive range of industry experience, the qualified crew handle kitchen design and build, but we don’t stop there.

Those appliances won’t all power themselves, so we have certified electricians who can wire things up for you too.

Backed by years of guaranteed good service

Envisage Kitchens puts customer service and your satisfaction in primary focus, bringing strong values and workmanship into your home. You want to feel safe while we work, you want to feel included in the process and you want a kitchen that’s aesthetic and functional.

That’s why we give you our trade guarantee that the job will be done to our highest standard.

Want a stunning new kitchen that beautifully enhances your home?

Let’s find a time to look at what you need in your kitchen and how we can help you get there.

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